kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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Hi all,

hereby presenting you my longtime neverending project. I live in Finland and originally brought this car 3-4 years back from Estonia (Valga to be exact), so this might be familiar for some of you people.. Would be nice to hear some details of the history of this car, if possible?! The car had Rondell 58's on it when i bought it, but after this the car had 3 different wheel setups including BBS RS replicas, 10x17 Rondell's all around etc.. Also the car had been repainted with Jaguar Sapphire Blue metallic at some point for whatever reason..

This is how the car looked when i bought it:



And this is how it looks now...



Original options-list:
Vehicle Information:

Order options
No. Description
290 BMW LM-RAEDER 7JX15,225/55R15V

Modifications made my me (6/2013):

- 18-button OBC with check controll
- OBC remote turning signal stalk
- M3 leather vader-seats
- M3 steering wheel
- M3 gearshift knob with illumination
- E36 BMW OEM wind defelctor
- Wheels Carline CM6, front 10x17 with 3,5" outer lip ET7 and rear 11,5x17 with 4" outer lip ET13
- 8000K Xenon's on high, lows and fogs
- 60SMD Led Angel eyes with dual-remote relay (interior lights and parkights)
- US parkilight mod with OEM US parts
- Smoke front turning indicator lights
- Chrystal red/white tail lights
- Led licence plate lights rear
- Led interior lights (allso at hardtop)
- Facelift smoke side indicator lights
- Hardtop
- Softtop module speed indicator pass-through (roof is able to be controlled also on the move)
- Kenwoodin USB/AUX/MP3
- DLS CA-12 1 x 500W(1 Ohm) mono-block with GroundZero 1F
- Monacor Carpower Sonic 10MK2 2x 2Ohm sub
- Subwoofer box ~46L with 77/40mm reflex pipe, tuned at ~25Hz

- ALL chassis bushings replaced with Strongflex red (including rear axle carrier)
- Front lower wishbones have M3 eccentric Powerflex's
- Rear axle carrier has M3 reinforcements welded
- BC Racing BR height- and suspension adjustable coilovers
- Coilovers with custom spiring length and stiffness (160mm/10kg ja 120mm/14kg)
- Uniball adjustable camber plates on the front
- M3 rear stabilizer

- Dual mass flywheel replaced with single mass
- E36 320 -91 sprung clutch setup with E21 323i bearing
- M3 254cc fuel injectors
- ECU modified for E85 fuel
- Catalysts are emptied
- Thermostat changed to 88c and added electric fan
- Matt black cross support in the engine bay

- M3 front bumper
- M3 rear bumper
- M3 brake ducts
- M3 side mouldings
- M3 facelift -look black front grill kidneys
- Facelift front wings
- BMW badges removed from bonnet and truck lid
- Antenna removed
- Rear fenders pulled HARD
- Front fenders pulled HARDER..
- The whole car is repainted to original Mauritiusblau Metallic on 6/2013

So i guess that's it for now.. Next off i'm gonna swap some Hellgrau M3 interior with vader front seats - they should arrive next week! Then some more pics! ;)
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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Oh, and by the way.. Ekupeku seems to be selling his car on! Why wouldn't you sell it to me then, i dropped you a bunch of emails already...? ;) :cool:
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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Wow - hard to believe its the same car. You've done an excellent job and keep up the good work! There's a separate forum/club for low and stanced cars -" onclick=";return false;

Hit me up with a PM and i'll see if we can get you in there! :cool:
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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Cool! Thanks bro! It's been a ton of work, so nice to hear some compliments.. Here's quick glimpse what the car's been through.. Needless to say it has been a pain in the a** some times... :lol: I didn't bother to start and translate all this crap so just ran it through Google Transalte - hope this gives you an idea.. :D

:: Summer 2008 Spring 2009 ( the previous owner ) ::
- Oil change , filter , ilmanputsari , plugs, etc., the coolant to the spring and autumn
- Sides of the wires
- Brake pads front
- Preserved in the garage for the winter

:: Summer 2009 - Fall 2009 ::
- Height adjustable suspension kit
- Iskarien the upper ends of the front and rear
- New rubber blast
- Black kidney model facelift look
- Oil change , filter , ilmanputsari , plugs, etc. basic maintenance of the coolant to
- Store in a warm garage for the winter

:: Winter 2009 - Spring 2010 ::
- New front lower arms
- Powerflex eccentric lower control arms takaheloihin
- Lamin-X - lined headlights, turn signals , and sumarit
- Started the endless puskurinkorjausproggis ..
- Winter car in custody until the beginning of March , April, driving into the side
- New rear window
- Thermostat ( temperatures do not rise properly)
- DME replaced ( vitosmukin nozzle control earth fault)
- Changed lambda (old blacked out )
- Oil change , filter , ilmanputsari , plugs, etc. basic maintenance of the coolant to

Summer 2010 :: ::
- Tie rods renovated
- Car rear tray mounts vahvikehitsattu
- All of the rear carriage bushings were replaced OEM parts
- Powerflex cams while under the front ( previous crack ....)
- Change in substrate inspection
- New rubber rear 245/35/17 front and 215/40/17
- New front indicators model for smoke
- All lights + headlights and sumarit lined with Lamin-X tint - shade
- Box oils, clutch / brake fluids
- Used a new flywheel
- A new clutch slave cylinder
- Puuhasteltu more headroom etucämpereihin
- A new clutch slave cylinder ( again , thank you Motonet )
- New clutch master cylinder
- Ovipahvien nipukat changed and cardboard liimailtu condition

Fall :: 2010 ::
- New models OEM aluminum topmount front
- Propeller shaft support bearing
- New Rear Camber
- LED license plate lights
- Right front wheel hub / bearing replaced
- A new flekti
- Oil change, oil filter , ilmanputsari
- A new front bumper design M
- Hardtop
- The car stand up after the snow income

Winter 2010 :: ::
- New wheels Rondell 0058 10x17 ET15
- 5mm spacers in front
- water pump
- ribbed belt
- LEDs interior lights
- Valve cover gasket, rubber gaskets and bolts
- Piiloventtiilit wheels
- New wheel bolts
- Big OBC 's vilkunviiksi
- Fixed seat
- Interior cleaning benches
- Repair stitched seams front seats

Spring 2011 :: ::
- The car driving in April
- 3mm to 5mm spacers in place of
- New rubber 4x 225/35/17
- A new stage box 138tkm
- Step in the box all the seals + gaskets
- Crankshaft oil seal + gasket
- Shift bush set
- Hard flywheel ( non- vanos M50 )
- 15tkm mileage kykäsetti + new thrust bearing
- The engine mounting rubbers ( yet to install )
- The gearbox support rubber
- Propeller shaft rag joint
- Propeller shaft support bearing
- H1 LEDs sumareihin
- Mounted electric flekti
- A new air intake accordion tube
- ilmanputsari
- New plugs
- Oil change, oil filter ( 210tkm )
- Xenons relejohtosarja
- ribbed belt
- V-ribbed belt pulley

Summer 2011 :: ::
- Brake pads front
- Intact motor protective plastic
- M takadiffu
- United OBC
- New brake pads front ( 26.7.2011 )
- New windshield ( 29.7.2011 )
- The paint milling ( 31.7.2011 )
- A new front bumper ( 4.8.2011 )
- 15mm spacers rear ( 10.8.2011 )

Fall 2011 :: ::
- Used a new wiper linkage ( 8.10.2011 )
- Warranty 160tkm gearbox with new seals
- I stand in October , the cold and dry winter storage

Winter 2012 :: ::
- New front sisälokarit
- The gearbox 160tkm
- New gearbox seals
- A new flywheel bearing eye
- The new height / stiffness adjustable suspension kit front camber adjustment : BC Racing BR
- New longer thrust bearing ( e21 323i )
- Crankshaft oil seal + gasket
- The engine mounting rubbers
- Piiloventtiilit wheels
- Brace in the engine room
- A new relejohtosarja xenoneille
- Gear knob illuminated
- Resistors xenoneille
- cardan
- A new propeller shaft support bearing
- Propeller shaft rag joint
- New wheels BBS RS Style 10x17 ET15
- New rubber 225/35
- A new clutch disc and pressure plate
- Oil ( Castrol Magntec ) , filter , ilmanputsari (222 tkm )

Spring 2012 :: ::
- Changed door microswitches
- New 4smd lediparkit
- Outdoor temperature sensor ( installed )
- Rear spacers 15mm -> 20mm
- M3 254cc injectors -> RE85
- New DEPO 's bulbs
- Angel eyesien relejohtosarja
- 8000K xenon too long
- Xenon long relejohtosarja
- Intact M3 steering wheel and a new slipring

Summer 2012 :: ::
- Support box gums and nuts
- New sumarit and muovikehikot and mounts
- BMW list section of the front bumper and the other new listings
- 8000K xenon also sumareihin
- Box oils ( Castrol Transmax Z) ( 228tkm )
- A new front bumper with mesh .. AGAIN
- Rear lights kalvotettu Lamin-X Tint
- Sumarit kalvotettu Lamin-X yellow
- A new 88CEL Termar
- Termarikotelon seal
- New BC Racing springs , front and rear 160mm 10kg 14kg 140mm
- Propeller shaft bearing and the rag joint
- New exhaust kannakekumit
- E85 engine control provided for , the old chip in a safe place

Fall 2012 :: ::
- New strings behind the BC Racing 14kg 120mm
- Oil , filter and ilmanputsarin exchange ( 235tkm )
- The neo Boombox
- CARPOWER Sonic 10 " subi
- DLS CA-12 Amplifier
- Ground zero 1F Concha
- Slip-up the exchange of driver's rear corner of the scheme are vetari , Trailing and the supporting arm
- New wheels Carline CM6 9x17 and 11x17 ET20 ET ~ 20 w / 245/35 and 225/35
- Store in a warm car in the first frosts came in early December

Winter 2012 :: ::
- New battery Bosch S5
- The amplifier and the Konkan new wiring

Winter 2013 :: ::
- Takaventeisiin new Lipit 4 " in front and 3.5 " -> ET7 specs of 10x17 / 11.5 x17ET14
- Rear subframe Strongflex - bush set
- The rear subframe pitkittäispusla
- Stern bushes
- All new arms bushes Stronglexiltä
- New Ylätukivarsi balls back down Strongflexit
- New stabilizer link rear
- Propeller shaft bearing and the rag joint
- Brake pads front and rear
- Brake discs front and rear
- All new brake disc mounting screws
- The parking brake pads on both sides of the
- All hand-brake screws, springs , etc hilppeet
- All new brake hoses front and rear
- Both front lower control arms Meyle HD w / Powerflex eccentric
- M3 lists
- Origin Murikka back cover replacement
- The back of the M- Sport Stabilizer

Spring 2013 :: ::
- The upper and lower radiator hose
- BMW OEM Wind Screen
- New wipers
- Plugs Bosch FGR7DQP
- Rear brake pipe clips
- A new kuskinpuolimmainen Rear lower end of the
- 66SMD Led angel Eyesite place

Summer 2013 ::
- The whole body recoating , rust protection and arcs processing , antenna removed and all klommot oikastu
- Brake pad wear sensor front
- The rear registration plate door stoppers
- Umpioiden säätönipukat and their screws
- New M3 Facelift look black kidney
- Facelift side indicators
- New, dark front indicators
- Facelift front fenders and their distribution
- The new Bosch lambda ori
- The new M3 front bumper
- The new M3 rear bumper
- New left inner fender
- jenkkiparkkimodulit
- New door handles frames and seals
- A new housing sub I
- Plastic bag of new screws , fasteners and klilpsejä
- Poly-V belt , ribbed belt rollers exchange
- New door handles frames and seals
- Tire balancing
- Jenkkiparkkimodulien compensation on the heels of the U.S.
- New takaläskit Falken FK -452 245/35/17
- New clutch master cylinder
- Fan coupling and flekti
- Toe-in angle adjustment
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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Whoa, that's a pretty substantial makeover. Very positive.
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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This is how the car looked when i bought it:
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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This car is now for sale in Finland. Offers are also accepted from abroad.

Again the car is fully rebuilt:
- All basic stuff done, waterpump, belts, tensioners, oils etc
- Recently replaced clutch, dumped the dual-mass flywheel and replaced with single mass.
- Cardan shaft rebuilt with new bearings, gearbox also rebuilt with new seals and gaskets
- Chassie bushings (all poly-urethane) all done including rear axle carrier bushings and also M3 reinforcements.
- BC Racing BR -series height and stiffness adjustable coilover set with custom spring setup
- All brakedisks, pads, handbrake stuff also done last spring
- Fully rebuilt M3 vader interior in BMW Hellgrau (fixed and re-painted), also new BMW OEM carpets on the floor.
- Car's been re-painted in original colour and all fenders done last summer 2013.
- Nearly all new outside trim panels (also M3 side mouldings), new front and rear bumbers (M-Sport), new facelift font fenders,
- New rear lights, headlights, blinkers, kidney grill, original M3 mirrors, M3 facelift steering wheel with slipring mod (horn and airbag actually works in this car) etcetcetc...
- Basically everything on the outside is NEW!

The car has 256 000 km on it and i've owned the car the past 70 000km. Invested thousands of euros to the car (needless to say).. Always changed oils, filters and candles between 7-10 000km. Just passed MOT with only notes from missing parklights. :)

Car comes with original fully polished Carline CM6 wheels (10" ET7 front 3,5" lip, 11,5" ET13 rear 4" lip) with new black bolts and valves, and with German Diamonds center caps. NOTE: THIS CAR DOES NOT SCRAPE even if you have 4 big adults onboard and trunk full of beer! ;) Also hardtop and another wheel setup (E36 original) for winter storing is included. The car hasn't got any winter km on it. No rust. Runs with E85 Ethanol.

Interested? Please place your best offer." onclick=";return false;
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Re: kmn stanced E36 325i Cabriolet on Carline's!

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This car is now sold. Now i'm driving this bagged E36 328i Touring! :cool:

frediuncle kirjutas:This is how the car looked when i bought it:
Sorry this picture is not working? Or was there supposed to be one? :)